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Who benefits from our services?

We work with seniors and their loves ones to help them narrow down options and service for aging at home or locating to the right retirement home options best for their lifestyle and budget.

We also work with healthcare providers by offering a 24 hour / 7 days a week urgent retirement residence locator service. We can quickly locate accommodations and care services based on the clients needs for a same day placement at great daily rates.

We can also work with employers that are interested in reducing employee loss time by educating workers with aging parents. By providing information and resources to help them navigate the continuum of care when or if the time comes.

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Why should I use your service vs contacting the community or service provider myself?

Navigating resources, services and accommodations can be exceptionally time consuming. Comparing the offerings and services can be confusing. Our free service provides you with the advice and guidance, for the people who worked in these buildings or agencies, that will help you make informed and knowledgeable decisions.

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What can I expect when working with you?

While working with Help For Mom you can expect highly qualified and experienced individuals assisting you by representing you while choosing a services for aging at home or relocating to a retirement residence. Help For Mom Advisors can provide more than a family members perspective of navigating the system but insiders perspective of how everything works.

At Help For Mom, we will act as your advisor, counselor and problem solver. As an impartial party, we have the ability to help you compare and analyze the options and give you peace of mind you are making informed decisions.

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What criteria do you use to base your recommendations?

We understand that everyone is individual and have unique needs and preferences. We will talk with you over the telephone and get to know your individual needs. Once we have taken the time to understand your needs and preferences, with our exclusive computer program, we will filter through the options to match them with your unique needs. Through our software we have the ability to review feedback from previous clients experiences with providers and communities. This ensures that we can provide you with informed recommendations.

This process is distinct different than other search engines as we are not only finding a list of options that match your individual needs but we are also reviewing client feedback to find the best options in your community.

Help for Mom also does due diligence with all providers and communities it recommends. All providers must complete a screening tool to ensure quality and standards. This is another distinct difference as we will only recommend providers that have met our standards.

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How qualified are you to provide recommendations?

We are the most qualified source in the local industry. We are a Canadian company lead by an executive team with actual industry experience from CEO of the largest seniors housing company in Canada to publishing one of the largest care guide booklets across Canada. Collectively we are deeply rooted in the Canadian seniors housing and care industry and we have a deep understanding of each and every provider throughout Canada.

Click here to learn more about us.

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Your service is free but are there hidden fees?

Our service is completely free to clients and referral sources. The costs associate with our service and your search is compensated by our group of retirement residences.

Click here to learn more about our network.

Referrals, guidance and advice are always entirely free with no obligation. Our ElderCare Management service does charge a nominal consulting fee. This service is distinctly different, yet entirely beneficial.

Click here to learn more about the ElderCare Management Service

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What is respite care?

In the retirement industry respite care refers to accommodations for a short time. This may include post operative recovery, convalescence, caregiver relief etc…

Short term accommodations typically are at a reduced daily rate (than permanent monthly rates) at a maximum of 30 days. Short term stays include furnished accommodations, meals, some level of health care support etc.. The average daily rate for respite is usually $99 per night. However, rates do vary from $50 to $150 depending on services required from the senior.

If you require respite care please contact us and we will do all the leg work for you. We will provide you with a list of options and daily rates available.

Click here to learn more about respite for seniors.

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Contact Us:

We are located throughout Canada. Please use our toll free number and we will happily connect you with a local ElderCare Advisor.

1 866 428 0292

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