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Elder Care Management Services

Help for Mom offers a ElderCare Management Service. Much like a knowledgeable daughter, your ElderCare Case Manager will you represent you with coordinating services and resources in the community. They will create a schedule and help plan aging at home services. Everything from snow removal to home support services. They will represent you with the local health authorities to ensure you are receiving all the funded public service you are eligible for. They will also represent you while visiting communities or applying/accessing long term care facilities.

When you need someone to speak for you, advocate for you and represent you during the confusion of coordinating services at home or when your are in hospital or when you are searching for a retirement or long term care home, our ElderCare Managers have industry experience to help give you peace of mind.

ElderCare Management Service is the only service in Help For Mom provides for a fee. This is because this service is distinctly different from our other services, yet very valuable, offering you peace of mind and saving you time.

Your ElderCare Manager goes above and beyond. They meet with you to understand your needs, develop a relationship and get involved in helping you organize your day to day living, eliminate the stress of arranging, interviewing and coordinating ongoing services. They will not just give the recommendation; they will do the leg work as well. Having someone by you or your loved one’s side to support and advocate for them during the process of arranging home care and other services and help interview providers is our job.

The following are some of the services that an ElderCare Manager could do:

  • Coordinate home care and support services
  • Create a easy to follow schedule for home care and support services and follow-up.
  • Help interview providers, get quotes and compare costs.
  • Advocate and represent when dealing with providers
  • Escort on tours of Retirement Residences or other service providers
  • Advocate and represent with health care providers such as hospitals, local health authorities, admissions for LTC
  • Assist in completing paperwork for LTC
  • Family mediation and support
  • Liaise with Power of Attorney and other legal representatives

We do not manage client finances or act as power of attorney.

Contact us to learn more about our ElderCareManagement service and how it could benefit you or your loved one.