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Dementia Care

Dementia or Memory Care units in retirement communities provide a safe and secure environment for loved ones affected by a memory impairment such as Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia. These specialty floors may also offer an alternative to long term care facilities or an option for those waiting for a long term care home.

Retirement Communities with a Memory Care unit are designed with their residents in mind. Entire wings or even buildings may be designated for individuals suffering from memory impairment and they often provide a different level of supervision and security. These communities are staffed with caregivers who are trained and accustomed to working with those suffering from Alzheimer's and various forms of dementias.

Many Communities with a Memory Care unit will offer therapeutic programs designed to stimulate, slow progression or alleviate symptoms and associated behaviours.

It is important to understand the differences and the benefits as programs and therapies affect each individual differently.